BREAKING: Trump’s Supporters Do The EVILEST THING – And Trump Approves! [VIDEO]

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It has become clear that the presidential contest between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is not going to be for the faint of heart. Trump has, for weeks, been spreading the idea that the election has been rigged against him. Furthermore, Trump has encouraged his supporters to stake out positions at polling places to ensure that no voter fraud takes place. The reality is voter fraud is nearly non-existent, and Trump’s goal is to have his supporters at polling places in an attempt to intimidate others from voting.

The intimidation has already begun. An individual supporting Trump was arrested at a polling place in Texas for electioneering, which is a violation of election law.

Another lowly bastard set up a Trump-Pence sign at a polling station, which was lined with razor blades. The individual who set-up the sign was well aware that the sign would have to be removed by a worker, and they knew when the worker went to remove the sign they would be injured. This is exactly what Trump was looking to happen when he goaded his supporters to stake out the polling areas.

The attack was condemned by local Democratic Party campaign chairman Steve Spainhouer who said, “It just shows how far we have come in politics where people want to be so mean and so hateful to try and injure somebody who’s probably not got any political party persuasion one way or the other. I think most people have already made their minds up at this point how they’re going to vote and so there’s nothing to gain by being mean spirited or hateful.”

Watch the official news report about this attack by clicking here.


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