BREAKING: A Racist, Xenophobic BIGOT Could Be Our Next Director of Homeland Security – This Is PETRIFYING! [DETAILS]

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The world is beginning to get a taste of what the Donald Trump presidency will look like, and it is not something which individuals are looking forward to. Trump has many favors to pay back to his unhinged surrogates who supported his candidacy, and one way in which he will be paying them back is through giving them important positions in his cabinet. Trump has to fill the vitally important spot as the head of the Department of Homeland Security, and the names being floated for that job are terrifying to consider.

The job is down to two individuals, both of whom would perform horribly. The first is Sheriff David Clarke, from Milwaukee County, Wisconsin. Clarke made a name for himself attacking the Black Lives Matter movement, as well as being a regular contributor to Fox News. The second choice is Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the disgusting Maricopa, County boss who has been under indictment with the FBI for years for this treatment of prisoners, racketeering, obstruction of justice, and fraud.

Clarke once called music superstar Beyonce a Ku Klux Klan member. Arpaio, on the other hand, lost reelection and will be out of a job in January. He was one of the loudest voices in the “birther” movement against President Barack Obama, and is more in line with Trump’s awful brand of politics. Arpaio is the likelier choice, and almost the more dangerous of the two. In either scenario the public will be harmed, at this point it is merely a question of how much the damage shall be.

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