JUST IN: Kellyanne Conway Gets DESTROYED After Trying To Damage Clinton’s Candidacy With FLAT OUT LIES [WATCH HERE]

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The presidential election will be settled in less than 96 hours and the campaign of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has been ruthless in their pursuit of winning the Oval Office. Trump’s campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, admitted that they are ready and willing to do whatever is nesecarry, including telling lies to the American public.

While a guest on MSNBC Brian Willams grilled Conway on her claim that Hillary Clinton will be indicted by the FBI, “This has been walked back, the indictment portion, by Fox News who originally reported it by NBC News which has done subsequent reporting on this. Will Donald Trump amend his stump speech to walk back the same thing?”

Conway was incredulous in her absurd response:

Well, the damage has been done to Hillary. No matter how it’s being termed the voters are hearing it for what it is, a culture of corruption.

That is all the Trump campaign cares about, causing damage. They are uninterested in facts, analysis, reason, or logic. They are not interested in informing the public about information which they can judge for themselves, but rather in spoon feeding the public a message that is not true. This accounts to absolutely nothing and does not further the public’s interest, which Conway is well aware. She does not receive a paycheck to inform, she is paid because she is a master of misinformation and misdirection.

Watch the full segment below:

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