BREAKING: Trump Announces New Policy – Set To Take America Back 50 Years [DETAILS]

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President-elect Donald Trump shocked the world with his victory, and now he is attempting to follow through with some of his campaign promises that include removing the United States and the nation’s commitment from the 2015 Paris Agreement as it relates to climate change.

Trump has long stated he believes climate change is a hoax perpetuated by China for the purposes of financial gains. Trump said, “It was reckless for the Paris agreement to enter into force before the election.” Now Trump is looking for “quick” ways to make America no longer bound the agreement’s terms.

The options at Trump’s disposal are few. The Paris Agreement is based upon a 1992 treaty, and Trump would merely need to withdraw the nation from the parent agreement to nullify any agreements which were made on top of that. Furthermore, Trump has the ability to sign a presidential order that removes the signature of the United States from the Paris agreement. It is likely Trump will choose one of these.

Other nations would desperately like the United States to not rescind its agreement, as it places the entire negotiation at risk of falling apart. Without the United States and its clout, the agreement may be rendered impotent and insufficient — something which would please President-elect Trump and his corporate friends. It is no secret that Trump seeks to dismantle the Environmental Protection Agency, and any other actions he can take to further that end which allows corporations the ability to pollute the environment with impunity is a welcome sight.

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