JUST IN: Trump MOCKS Veterans Of The Military, Claims HE’S MORE BRAVE Than Them [WATCH HERE]

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One of the main voting bases of the Republican party are service members of the United States military. Knowing this Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has done his best to alienate those same voters by making multiple idiotic and insulting statements. For example, Trump attacked GOP Sen. John McCain, who is a former presidential nominee, for being captured while he served in Vietnam. If that wasn’t enough Trump then attacked the mother and father of a fallen U.S. soldier who happened to be Muslim, because Trump’s campaign is based on hating people who are not white. During the fallout from that diatribe Trump had the gall to say he had “sacrificed” for his country by running a business.Ever the tone deaf fool Trump also bragged about being awarded a purple heart, which is only awarded if a member of the military has been wounded in battle.

Now for Trump’s hopefully final triumphant act of unbelievable stupidity and callousness he spoke at a campaign rally in North Carolina. Trump was attempting to pander to the military members in the audience including several Medal of Honor recipients. Trump actually said:

Oh they’re so much more brave than me. I wouldn’t have done what they did.

Ok, that’s actually not too bad. Trump is acknowledging that he isn’t the greatest, most fabulous, unbeatable at something and everyone else is a loser. He seems to actually want to give the military members the limelight. But then, Trump is Trump and he can’t allow anyone even a second of praise or attention. He finished his statement:

I’m brave in other ways. I’m brave.

Only Trump would try to compare himself to decorated military members. He is oblivious, shameless, and a complete rube.

Watch Trump’s stupidity below:

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