BREAKING: Trump Announces IMMEDIATE Cuts To Crucial Departments – Guess Who Will Be Hurt The Most?

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Part of now President-elect Donald Trump’s campaign platform was to eliminate the Department of Education, which is an entirely stupid position. Trump knows that he was elected by a plethora of misinformed fools, and now he is seeking to ensure generations of American children are lacking education, which will help to press forward other Republican administrations which come after him.

Trump’s plan would eliminate Federal funding for 490,000 teachers, according to the Center for American Progress Action Fund, and force states to come up with their own money to pay the difference. This, in turn, will lead to fewer teachers accepting low wages and ultimately drive down the quality of education for all who receive it.

Furthermore, Trump’s plan will also eliminate college grants to 8 and a half million students, making college out of reach for a large percentage of that group. This satisfies Trump just fine, as he and those like him, require unskilled labor to help them continue making money on the backs of uneducated working people.

This policy position will be the first of many ugly positions held by Trump, and as the nation waits for him to take the oath of office, the population becomes more terrified by the day.

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