JUST IN: Stephen Colbert Gives A HEARTBREAKING Speech About The Election – You MUST See This [WATCH HERE]

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The presidential election is over and now Americans are licking their wounds as the unthinkable has transpired, Donald Trump has won the presidency and will be America’s 45th president. Ladies and gentlemen, the President of the United States Donald Trump. Let that sink in for a few moments. Some attempting to make light of the situation, including CBS’s Stephen Colbert, who was hosting an election special which was supposed to usher in Hillary Clinton’s rise to the White House. Cobert found himself clearly shocked, as were the rest of thinking Americans to see her trounced so decisively by the electorate.

Colbert began his speech by saying that he did not believe he could sit down to speak, and instead stood with a room and said, “We’re all now as confused as Rudy Guiliani looks!” Colbert went on to describe the election as a hard fought battle, one in which he heavily participated by attempting to dissuade voters from supporting Trump. Colbert lost, and he continued by describing how the American people were rightly afraid. He went on to say, “We drank too much of the poison… and it tastes kinda good and you like how it feels and there’s a gentle high to the condemnation.”

There was little Colbert could do to maintain his composure, other than to laugh at the ridiculous scenario which the American people had placed themselves, “In the face of something that might strike you as horrible, I think laughter is the best medicine. You cannot laugh and be afraid at the same time.”

Watch Colbert’s entire speech below:

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