Sorry Donald, You Just Got Some VERY BAD NEWS

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Today is Monday, and tomorrow is Election Day.

Today, Hillary Clinton leads in EVERY national poll.

On the final day of polling before Election Day, Hillary holds a clear lead in a series of national polls over her opponent Donald Trump.

A new poll from Monmouth University gave her a six-point edge among likely voters.

A Fox News poll gave her a four-point lead over Trump.

The tracking poll from ABC News and the Washington Post also peg the lead at four points.

Clinton leads by 3 in the Bloomberg poll.

Poll-tracking website FiveThirtyEight, which continually updates a polls-only model as well as another incorporating historical and economic data, finds Trump has only a 31.5% chance of victory in the former and a 30.9% chance of victory in the latter as of Monday afternoon.

The New York Times is among the most bullish on Clinton’s chances, giving her an 84% chance of victory going into Nov. 8.


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