BREAKING: Hillary Clinton Gets HORRIBLE News, Even If She Wins The Election!

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Republicans entrenched in the government are preparing for the inevitable loss of their standard bearer and presidential nominee Donald Trump at the hands of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. The Republican Party has obstructed the presidency of Barack Obama since his first day in office and they plan to do the same thing to Clinton, including attempting to impeach her according to a high ranking republican official.

While making an appearance on Fox News the chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, Congressman Michael McCaul, virtually promised that Republicans would begin impeachment proceedings against Clinton:

This investigation will continue whether she wins or not, but assuming she wins and the investigation goes forward, and it looks like an indictment is pending, at that point of time in the Constitution, the House of Representatives would engage in an impeachment trial. It would go to the Senate, and impeachment proceedings and removal would take place.

In an attempt to appear concerned about the nation, rather than his own political standing, McCaul said:

I would hate to see this country be thrown into a constitutional crisis because of Hillary Clinton’s behavior.

The only crisis facing the American people is the behavior of Republicans, who were elected to help lead this nation while doing anything but that. Their determination to obstruct the flow of government is detrimental to democracy and they should all be ashamed of themselves.

Watch McCaul’s ridiculous interview below:

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