JUST IN: Republican Operatives Just Gave Trump DEVASTATING News, Just ONE DAY Before The Election

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While the presidential race comes to a close in the final 48 hours, certain Republican operatives are claiming that the race is already over and that Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is going to win the race in a landslide. This sits in the face of other polling information which shows the race is in a dead heat, which may imply that all of the polls are circumspect and that the truth will only be known when the American people finally take to the streets and vote on November 8th.

Political commentator and analyst John Harwood of CNBC took to Twitter to share information which he claims to have collected from various Republican pollsters. Hardwood says these individuals told him that they believe not only is Hillary Clinton going to win the election, but she is going to do so in a manner which is embarrassing to Trump by capturing more electoral votes than President Barack Obama:

The main issue for Harwood is the swing state of Ohio, which is crucial for either candidate to secure their victory. Harwood speculates that if Clinton wins Ohio, she will surpass Obama:

All of the speculation will be proved true or not true in less than 48 hours, and the public will finally know who will be their 45th president.

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