JUST IN: Pro-Trump Nazi Website Is Trolling Hillary Supporters – And Encouraging Them To Commit Suicide [DETAILS]

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The rise of Donald J. Trump to the presidency has given his supporters an open invitation to behave in as disgusting a manner as humanly possible. One website which supported Trump, that ever so coincidentally happens to be a neo-Nazi stronghold, called The Daily Stormer, took the horrible step of publishing the personal information of those who their political enemies, so that their supporters might take the opportunity to harrass them.

The editor of the awful publication, Andrew Anglin, wrote his encouraging words to his bottom feeding readership:

You can troll these people and definitely get some of them to kill themselves.

Just be like “it’s the only way you can prove to the racists that Hillary was right all along.”

“Mass Suicides After Trump Victory” would be a headline the media would play up, but all it would do would demoralize the left even further.


When considering fairness and rationality, those are not words in the vocabulary of these individuals. They believe only in hate, and using violence against their opposition. They consider themselves patriots, but their patriotism is based on the hypocritical view that only their voices should be heard, and that any other person who dares dissent is a traitor to their country. The racists have truly come home to roost, and it is all thanks to President-elect Trump. Without him these individuals would never have gained the visibility which they have, and now their rise along with his is an inevitability of a dysfunctional nation.

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