Oprah Winfrey Makes DIFFICULT Announcement About Hillary Clinton – This Is Tough To Hear

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Oprah Winfrey has previously endorsed Hillary Clinton for president…but she has stayed quiet ever since.

Now, she is speaking up.

In an episode of T.D. Jakes’ talk show, Winfrey weighed in on Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump’s contentious fight for the presidency, saying she believes the best candidate is clear.

“There really is no choice, people,” Winfrey said, addressing undecided voters. “All the people sitting around, talking about how they can’t decide, here’s what I want to say.”

Winfrey continued: “This is what I really want to say: All the people, I hear this all the time. You get in conversations — and there’s not a person in this room who hasn’t been in the same conversation — where people say, ‘I just don’t know if I like her.’ She not coming over your house!”

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