ALERT: Paul Ryan Buckles, Supports Donald Trump IN THE WORST WAY POSSIBLE [WATCH HERE]

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The unexpected rise of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States has left the nation in turmoil. There have been numerous reports of Trump’s supporters and admirers lashing out at minorities for no reason other than they do not share the same skin color. Many in the media predicted this type of fallout and, staying true to form, the Republican leadership is making excuses for the violence by refusing to acknowledge it ever happened, or that it will continue to occur.

While a guest on CNN’s “State of the Union” Speaker of the House Paul Ryan was grilled by host Jake Tapper. Tapper asked Ryan to speak about the issue of violence against minorities, and Ryan attempted to brush the allegations aside:

First of all, I hate it that people feel this way. And second, of all, they should not. I think people should be rest assured, America is a pluralistic inclusive country. It is, it has been and it will continue to be. So, I really think people should put their minds at ease.

It’s easy to say an individual’s mind should be at ease when Ryan is not the one being attacked on the street, at random, for merely existing. The insistence of Republicans on pretending problems do not exist is revolting, and one wonders how they were able to maintain their majorities in both congressional houses…unless the American people actually agree with the violence. Over 40 million people voted for Donald Trump, and that is certainly a large number of individuals who have no problem with the racist rhetoric that led their new dictator to the most powerful office in the world.

Watch the full interview with Ryan below:

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