NEWS ALERT: Trump Will Pocket Millions From The Secret Service – HOW IS THIS OKAY?

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Every sitting President of the United States is afforded Secret Service protection for themselves and their families, regardless of where the individuals may be. President-elect Donald Trump is well aware of this, and he has found a loophole in the Secret Service’s protections that is allowing him to make money off of his own security detail, to the tune of millions of dollars.

Typically a sitting president would live exclusively in the White House so that he would be able to attend to his duties and have access to the variety of areas located on the property including a heavily fortified bomb shelter. Trump, naturally, is not going to be a typical president and has stated his intentions to spend much of his time living inside Trump Tower in New York City. This presents a series of logistical problems for the Secret Service in terms of individuals attempting to harm Trump, or damage his property. Thousands of individuals walk in and out of the building on a regular basis, and those individuals will surely be subject to much harsher security procedures. Even then there is no guarantee the Secret Service will be able to stop all attempts. The NYPD are also anticipating spending at least $1 million a day to protect Trump while he is in New York City by employing 300 police officers whose only job will be to protect Trump. How those costs will be deferred has yet to be determined, but the bill may fall to the Federal government rather than local taxpayers.

Beyond the logistics, the Secret Service will also be forced to stay inside Trump Tower. President-elect Trump knows this, and he knows the Secret Service must rent space in the building for their headquarters. Just who will they be renting from? Well, their boss, Trump himself, of course to the tune of $1.5 million a year. Over the course of Trump’s term the Secret Service will literally have to pay Trump $6 million for protecting him.

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