Moody’s Election Model Has A 100% Success Rate Picking The President – The Winner In 2016 Will Be…

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Moody’s Analytics, which has correctly predicted the winner of every U.S. presidential race since Ronald Reagan, says that our next president will be Hillary Clinton.

Clinton is expected to win 332 electoral votes, with Trump winning just 206.

The model is based on three economic and three political factors. But what’s really helping Clinton is cheap gas and President Obama’s high approval rating.

Overall, the U.S. is growing and that favors Clinton. Most Americans can feel their pocketbooks getting better. Moody’s predicts key swing states — Florida, Ohio, Colorado and Pennsylvania — all going blue this year.

There’s just one red flag: This is not a normal election. The model doesn’t account for personalities, only data. As Moody’s notes, “It is very possible that voters will react to changing economic and political conditions differently than they have in past election cycles.”


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