ALERT: Michael Moore Makes INCREDIBLE Prediction About Trump’s Presidency – Let’s Hope It’s True! [DETAILS]

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Democratic activist and Hollywood filmmaker Michael Moore warned for months about the possibility of Donald Trump’s election victory. Now that Moore has been proved correct he has released a plan to impeach Trump from the Oval Office before he has an ability to wreak havoc upon the American population.

Moore released what he called America’s “to-do list” of tasks to accomplish to prepare for Trump in the White House. He writes we, “Must quickly and decisively form an opposition movement, the likes of which hasn’t been seen since the 1960s. I will do my part to help lead this. The core of this opposition force will be fueled by young people who, as with Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter, don’t tolerate b.s. and are relentless in their resistance to authority. They have no interest in compromising with racists and misogynists.”

He went on to detail the beginning stages of the plan to impeach President Trump:

Prepare to impeach Trump. Just as the Republicans were already planning to do with President Hillary from Day One, we must organize the apparatus that will bring charges against him when he violates his oath and breaks the law — and then we must remove him from office.

The calls by Moore for the American population to be civilly disobedient were also included in his plan, of which he has no qualms of Democrats taking the exact same route Republicans did to halt President Obama’s progress during the last 8 years:

We must commit right now to a vigorous fight (including civil disobedience, if necessary) which will block any and all Donald Trump Supreme Court nominees who do not meet our approval. We demand the Democrats in the Senate aggressively filibuster any nominees who support Citizens United or who oppose the rights of women, immigrants and the poor. This is non-negotiable.

Will any of Moore’s wishes come true? Time will tell if his brand of activism will come to fruition, or if he will find himself alone on the sidelines.

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