Melania Trump Once Made A Commercial Where She Was The “First Female U.S. President” – It’s AMAZING! [WATCH HERE]

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Way back in 1993, Melania Trump hadn’t met The Donald yet, and had dreams of becoming a famous model. Now Univision has discovered an ad that Melanija Knavs—who became Melania Knauss and then Melania Trump—made for a Slovenian clothing brand when she was just 23.

She’s playing the president of the United States, wearing a skirt suit and reading glasses as she travels in a motorcade, waves at the media, and signs papers at a presidential desk. It is very low budget, and very cringeworthy.

From Univision:

Shown in a presidential limo – actually an ’80s Chevrolet Caprice Classic – and trailed by a police escort, “President Knavs” appears relaxed, and is shown applying make-up. Supporters line the streets as her motorcade passes, except the video in the ad is taken from archive footage of fans greeting President John F. Kennedy, according to Natalija Gorscak, director of Slovenian National Television.

The New York Times mentioned the ad in a story it did about Melania, but at the time they didn’t have the video. The scriptwriter of the video had this to say:

“It is the most extraordinary historical coincidence, she looked refined, elegant, really presidential,” said Jožica Brodaric who identified herself as the script writer.

After being sworn in, Melania Trump is shown behind a desk taking phone calls and putting on glasses with a pearl neck chain to review official documents. The video shows one document being passed to the young model. A blow up of the document reveals it to be the kind of decree that her husband, whom she married in 2005, might be less eager to sign.

“In the document she is approving three people to cross the border between two countries, it’s an immigration document,” said Gorscak.

Now here Melania is, with an actual chance to be the First Lady of The United States. Go figure!

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