Watch Trump Supporters Debate Whether “JEWS ARE PEOPLE”

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On CNN’s program “The Lead” this afternoon, there was a segment featuring a “nationalist”, and during the segment, the chyron actually read “ALT-RIGHT FOUNDER QUESTIONS IF JEWS ARE PEOPLE”.

This is where we are.

The segment discusses Richard Spencer, a neo-Nazi who is seen as the father of the so-called “alt-right.” Host Jim Sciutto (filling in for Jake Tapper), analyst Rebecca Berg, and the Boston Globe’s Matt Viser discussed a recent conference Spencer and his crew held where they did the Nazi salute, cheerfully revived Nazi propaganda in the original German and, in the charming words of a real CNN caption, questioned “if Jews are people.”

The panel wonders whether Donald Trump will disavow these people. What will that mean for his “coalition”? What will that mean for the “narrative” surrounding his presidency? Will Trump “assure” people that the alt-right won’t influence him? Nobody says anything sensible, such as, “OMFG THERE ARE LITERAL NAZIS RUNNING AROUND D.C. AND NOW THEY HAVE ACCESS TO THE WHITE HOUSE.”

Instead, we are in fantasy-land, where highly paid Washington analysts sit around chatting comfortably about politics like they always have and always will, like nothing really matters and nothing can ever go wrong.

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