JUST IN: Trump Supporters Try To Destroy Megyn Kelly’s Book Sales – GUESS WHAT HAPPENS? [DETAILS]

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The presidential election between Hillary Clinton and now President-elect Donald Trump was the most bruising and brutal political contest the nation has ever had the opportunity to observe. Now that the dust has settled and Trump has proved himself to be unexpectedly victorious he and his supporters are enjoying a victory lap. While this happens there are still many with hurt feelings over the outcome, and Trump’s constituency are making a point to cause detriment to those who are Republicans, but attempted to stop Trump’s rise. One individual receiving the brunt of this hostile action is Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly, who is presently the most popular talking head at the network. Kelly released a book, “Settle for More“, which was a self-styled memoir which lambasted Trump numerous times. To show their contempt for Kelly Trump’s supporters have attempted to drive the ratings of her book down on Amazon.com, but the website has taken action to prevent that from happening.

Previously Kelly’s book had been reviewed thousands of times and 76 percent of those reviews gave the book a single star. These reviews were the result of an Internet crusade to harm Kelly which began on the website Reddit via the group “The_Donald.” The majority of the reviews had nothing to do with the content of the book, but rather were attacks against Kelly herself.

As of this writing only 17 percent of the reviews which gave Kelly’s memoir 1 star were allowed to stay. This has many individuals saying Amazon was unfair in their choice, but those same individuals proved themselves to be hypocritical and biased. Therefore, their opinions are irrelevant.

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