JUST IN: Trump Just Received DEVASTATING News Which Has Hillary Clinton REJOICING! [DETAILS]

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Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has repeatedly touted his economic plan as the only viable option to improve the American economy. He has offered nearly nothing of substance to describe these policies, and what little he has presented has been torpedoed by hundreds of economists in a scathing new report.

The economists include eight Nobel laureates. For Trump supporters that means they’re, like, really smart and stuff. The Wall Street ournal published a letter from the individuals which totaled 370 different individuals who all affixed their names to the multi-page document which decried Trump’s stances on the economy, trade, job growth, and of course immigration.

The letter, in part, stated:

He has misled the public by asserting that U.S. manufacturing has declined. The location and product composition of manufacturing has changed, but the level of output has more than doubled in the U.S. since the 1980s.

He claims he will eliminate the fiscal deficit, but has proposed a plan that would decrease tax revenue by $2.6 to $5.9 trillion over the next decade according to the non-partisan Tax Foundation.

He has lowered the seriousness of the national dialogue by suggesting that the elimination of the Environmental Protection Agency or the Department of Education would significantly reduce the fiscal deficit. A credible solution will require an increase in tax revenue and/or a reduction in spending on Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, or Defense.

Information such as this means nothing to the supporters of Trump, as they believe any information which contradicts their world views is skewed or biased. They are always right, regardless of the evidence because they vote based on emotion rather than facts.


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