The Obama’s Have Reportedly Purchased Home In Rancho Mirage, California

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It appears President Obama and his family are looking for some California sunshine!

When President Obama leaves the White House in January, his family is expected to become bicoastal, with homes in both Washington D.C., and California (and maybe Hawaii as well!).

The Daily Mail says that the Obamas have purchased a home in Rancho Mirage, California. Rancho Mirage is also where President Gerald Ford retired. (Not that the Obama’s are retiring.)

Local newspaper the Desert Sun has been reporting about the Obamas’ potential move for more than a year.

From The Desert Sun:

On at least four of president Barack Obama’s six visits to the desert, his motorcade has entered Thunderbird Heights, an exclusive neighborhood in Rancho Mirage that was once home to president Gerald Ford, actress Lucille Ball and singer Bing Crosby. Current residents include James Costos, who serves as the U.S. ambassador to Spain, and his partner Michael Smith, an interior designer who redecorated the White House dining room and the Oval Office. The couple are personal friends of the Obamas, and the first family has visited them at least once.

In September, the newspaper reported that Michelle Obama’s plane was spotted at the Palm Springs International Airport. At the time, it was unclear why the first lady was visiting the Coachella Valley.

Known as the “Playground of the Stars”, Rancho Mirage and the Coachella Valley have played host and home to Hollywood’s “A” list and the world’s political leaders who flock to its desert resorts and world-class golf courses.

In addition to their homes in DC and California, the Obama’s are said to have also purchased a vacation home in Hawaii, the president’s home state.

For the next two years, the family plans to live in Washington, DC as their youngest daughter Sasha finishes school.


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