JUST IN: The Difference In How Obama and Trump Acknowledged Fidel Castro’s Death Is TERRIFYING

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One of the most reviled dictators in the world, Fidel Castro, passed away on November 25, and the responses to this event by President Barack Obama and President-elect Donald Trump could not have been more starkly different. The way in which Trump and Obama shared their thoughts with the world is likely to make every single American lovingly long for Obama to never leave office, as Trump’s behavior was embarrassing and not fit for the leader of the free world.

Fidel Castro, the Communist dictator of Cuba, died when he was 90 years old. Obama said in relation to Cuba that the United States was, “pursuing a future in which the relationship between our two countries is defined not by our differences but by the many things that we share as neighbors and friends.” Trump, on the other hand, tweeted out a single sentence, “Fidel Castro is dead!” and then his team issued an official statement saying, in part, “Fidel Castro’s legacy is one of firing squads, theft, unimaginable suffering, poverty, and the denial of fundamental human rights.” Read the full statement below:

The conventional wisdom is Trump had nothing to do with the actual statement released, because it was coherent albeit terse. Trump has to put on a strong face for his right-wing supporters who demand no quarter be given to the enemy for their villainous practices. There is no dispute Fidel Castro was a dictator and an individual the world will not sorely miss, but what is in dispute is how the current president and the incoming president handle situations and how that makes America appear to the rest of the world. Trump has given us all a taste of how he plans to use his power, and it is certainly not going to be one an individual with the deft touch of a jewelry but rather a bull in a china shop.

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