JUST IN: Susan Sarandon Didn’t Vote For Hillary Clinton – ADMITS She Hurt Hillary [DETAILS]

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Democrats around the United States are doing soul searching after their part lost in a humiliating defeat a little over a week ago. Not only did their party’s nominee, Hillary Clinton, lose to Donald Trump, but the Democrats lost all across the nation. In January when the next president is sworn in, both houses of Congress will stay in the hands of Republicans, giving the party their first three part majority in almost 20 years. This does not bode well for Democrats who will have little recourse to prevent their Republican colleagues from forcing various pieces of legislation past their protests, to be sent to the desk of the president. Many Democrats are now looking for someone to blame for this predicament, and one person who is receiving a brunt of the bruising is Legendary Hollywood actress Susan Sarandon.

Sarandon, who was a vocal supporter of Sen. Bernie Sanders during the Democratic presidential primary, stated she would not be able to support Hillary Clinton’s candidacy. She did not support Trump either and instead chose to support the Green Party’s nominee, Dr. Jill Stein. Sarandon took to Twitter to respond to her political critics and she posted an image of all of the celebrities who support Hillary Clinton, next to a list of celebrities who support Jill Stein. Sarandon was Stein’s only celebrity endorsement.

Is it fair to blame Sarandon for Clinton’s loss? Absolutely not. She is only one individual, and the reasons why Clinton lost are complex. A single individual choosing not to support a candidate can not possibly influence enough individuals to force the candidate to lose.

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