JUST IN: Right Before The Election, Ivanka Trump Drops BOMBSHELL [DETAILS]

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Over the weekend, a fascinating article was published in the New York Times, that detailed the final days of Donald Trump’s campaign, and what it’s like to be in Trump world in the last days before we choose our next president.

We learned that Trump never sleeps, and that he can’t bare to be alone. We have learned that Trump is addicted to watching cable news. We also learned something about Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump’s golden child.

Ivanka Trump reportedly discouraged her father’s presidential campaign from promoting an ad she is featured in out of fear it would hurt her personal brand, according to The New York Times. Ivanka sat for a commercial intended to appeal to suburban woman, but she worried it would hurt the businesses that bear her name.

The report is probably referring to an ad titled “Motherhood,” in which Ivanka discusses her father’s childcare plan.

There have been questions about whether her personal brand can survive the presidential campaign, as there has been an online campaign is calling on shoppers to boycott the family’s products, including Ivanka’s clothing line.

Because of Trump’s poisonous rhetoric, he has offended half the nation, and many of those people won’t buy Trump branded products. And many of Trump’s most ardent supporters either can’t afford the Trump brand, or don’t live in an area of the nation that sells/provides Trump goods.

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