JUST IN: Racist Trump Supporter BEATS Hispanic Man, Says “This Is For Trump!” [WATCH HERE]

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During the presidential campaign of 2016 President-elect Donald Trump used rhetoric of hate and racism, which many of his supporters cheered. After the election was concluded some Trump supporters saw his victory as a mandate to enact their warped world view, and to enforce these views on the public at large. One of Trump’s supporters, in Florida, began attacking a man for no reason.

The incident began in the parking lot of a Gate Food Post store, when Caleb Joseph Illig drove into the area and began attacking a Hispanic employee named Pablo Echavarria for no apparent reason. The employee says Illig was shouting, “Let’s Trump down!” while he viciously struck him. When Echavarria asked why he was being attacked, Illig said with a terrible look in his eye, “This is for Donald Trump.”

The one-sided fight went on for a few minutes before another employee intervened and Illig fled the scene like a coward. When police made contact with Illig he said he had no memory of the assault and said he had been really drunk. One of the officers familiar with the case said, “Just looking at election results, the community is divided almost 50/50. It’s not just here in Gainesville. I’d like to think we’re doing better, but we’re having our own problems crop up.”

The rise in violence is a mere preview of what to expect with Trump in office, and all of this has happened before he has even taken power. We can expect more of this behavior to continue, and for innocent people to be victimized during the entire next four years.

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