JUST IN: Racial Incidents Have Increased At A DEVASTATING Pace Since Trump Election [DETAILS]

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Donald Trump captured the presidency by shocking the world with his victory over heavily favored Hillary Clinton. President-elect Trump spent over a year traveling the country holding rallies where he gave speeches about some of the most hateful, racist, misogynistic themes ever heard before on the election trail. Now that he has won his supporters feel emboldened to carry out their racist fantasies, and since the election the Southern Poverty Law Center has documented the steep rise in hate crimes.

Only ten days after election day the Southern Poverty Law Center found there were at a minimum 867 different reported incidents of intimidation and harassment by Trump supporters against innocent people, with the the fair majority of 505 incidents happening just three days after. It seems Trump’s supporters were drunk on their victory, and the reports have slowly tapered off since election day.

Nearly all of the incidents involved instances of racial rhetoric or violence. However, it is believed the incidents were underreported as it relates to individuals who may have been illegally in the country as if the victims were to report the crimes against them they would jeopardize themselves towards deportation.

According to Trump’s team these incidents are a mere coincidence and that he disavows violence and racial hatred in any form. His rhetoric of the past year says otherwise, as do his recent appointments to his inner circle that include an individual like Steve Bannon who runs Breitbart.com which is a home to white supremacists.

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