JUST IN: Rachel Maddow DESTROYS Kellyanne Conway After Conway LIES TO HER FACE [WATCH HERE]

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President-elect Donald Trump’s secret weapon in the news media has been his campaign manager, and now close adviser, Kellyanne Conway. There were numerous firsts in the presidential contest of 2016, with Conway being the first female to every successfully lead a presidential campaign to victory. For all of Trump being a sexist, he knew how to pick a woman who would take him to the promised land, much to the disappointment of millions of Hillary Clinton supporters.

While a guest on MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show, Conway was grilled by host Rachel Maddow. Conway was asked what role the serial sexual abuser and disgraced former Fox News head honcho Roger Ailes had played in Trump’s campaign. Conway was incredulous in her response, denying what many in the media already knew to be a fact — Ailes was advising Trump. This was rather obvious by Trump’s tapping of Steve Bannon to be his top White House adviser. However, Conway denied all of this and said, ““No. He is not a formal or informal adviser. They are old friends.”

Trump’s old friends with a sexual abuser of women, while he himself has been accused of sexually abusing dozens of women? That’s a shock and surprise to any person drawing breath. Conway did concede that Ailes is a “marketing genius.” Maddow, not missing a beat, retorted that Ailes had “resigned his job under a cloud of terrible sexual harassment allegations.”

Watch the entire hilarious segment below:

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