JUST IN: New Battleground Polls Show SHOCKING Change – One Candidate Will Be Very WORRIED!

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The presidential election is winding down with less than a week to go before the American public heads to the ballot box to decide who will sit in the Oval Office; Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton or Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. New polling information shows curious results for both candidates, and neither camp is pleased which should please both campaigns about the displeasure of the other.

Four key states that are vital to capture on the road to the White House, Pennsylvania, Florida, Arizona, and Nevada, are not as cut and dry as they previously appeared. In polls taken between Oct. 27 and Nov. 1 Hillary Clinton is barely winning two states, while Trump has a larger lead in the others. Clinton is beating Trump in Pennsylvania 48 to 44, and in Florida 49 to 47. Trump  is winning Nevada 49 to 43 and Arizona 49 to 44.

The point to remember about this information is the margin of error for these polls is plus or minus 3.5 points. Meaning that Trump and Clinton may well be neck and neck in Pennsylvania and Florida, where as even with the 3.5 discount Trump is still beating Clinton. Trump needs Florida to win the presidency, and if Clinton is able to pull off a victory, no matter how small, she will greatly increase her chances on election day. These wild card states are going to be interesting watch for the next week, and the nation will wait with baited breath to see who walks away with each victory.


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