Kellyanne Conway Gets Angry When Faced With Questions About Trump’s “Hamilton Tweets”

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Kellyanne Conway appeared on CNN’s New Day Monday morning, and became quite feisty when asked about Donald Trump’s recent tweets about Hamilton and Saturday Night Live.

In the conversation New Day’s host Chris Cuomo, Trump’s campaign manager-turned-adviser said that she agrees with her boss about how social media is an efficient way to give his thoughts directly to the people. Cuomo reminded her however that recently, Trump has been using Twitter to talk less about his presidential vision, and more about attacking Hamilton and Saturday Night Live for respectively critiquing and lampooning his upcoming administration.

Cuomo asked Conway, “Why take it up? Why take up SNL? No president does that. Why waste time? Why distract?”

“Why do you care?” Conway replied. “Who’s to say he can’t do that, spend five minutes on a tweet and move on?”

As the conversation continued, Cuomo said that America’s leader should have a thick skin, while Conway accused Cuomo of “assigning malice” and “assigning wrongdoing to him and it doesn’t exist.”

Mike Pence has said that he wasn’t offended by the booing or the message he got on Broadway, though Trump and his supporters are still on the attack against the show.

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