JUST IN: Donald Trump’s Campaign Won’t Let Him Tweet – President Obama’s Response IS PERFECT!! [WATCH HERE]

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On Sunday we learned from the New York Times that Donald Trump is no longer allowed to use Twitter. Yes, that is correct. A grown man has so little self control, that his staffers need to control him or else he could potential go off the rails. Exactly what we want in our next president!

While giving a stump speech for Hillary Clinton in Kissimmee, Florida, President Obama had a little fun with this interesting tidbit.

Obama said, “In the last two days, they had so little confidence in his self control, they said: ‘We’re just going to take away your Twitter.’ Now, if somebody cant handle a Twitter account, they can’t handle the nuclear code. If somebody starts tweeting at three in the morning ’cause SNL made fun of you, then you can’t handle the nuclear code.”

Do you agree?

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