JUST IN: CNN’s Van Jones DESTROYS Trump Surrogate For Defending Trump’s Anti-Semitism [WATCH HERE]

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President-elect Donald Trump’s team regularly embarrasses themselves when they appear on national television to attempt to explain away their boss’s absurd antics. A recent appearance by Trump’s spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany proved this fact to be true yet again as she and a CNN pundit shared a commentary that was as bizarre as it was hypocritical.

Democratic activist Van Jones was also on the program, and he was discussing Trump’s decision to allow Breitbart.com boss Steve Bannon as his top adviser. Jones said, “We’ve got to continue to have a serious debate about the direction of our country and that includes talking about who’s put in the inner circle of the President of the United States.”

McEnany turned an about face and shirked that Jones had just called Bannon a racist:

There is a line between asking a question and labeling someone a racist, which is what Jonathan just did. Van, as political commentators, we have a duty and an obligation, Van, to correct mistruths and falsehoods. We have an obligation to correct falsehoods and President Barack Obama stood up there and said it’s time to unite and that means dispelling these rumors.

Bannon’s history, however, is not a rumor as McEnany attempted to spin. He has repeatedly said disgusting things about women and minorities. This is a matter of public record and not up for debate. In 1996 Bannon was arrested for domestic violence against his now ex-wife, and an audio recording from 2011 was recently uncovered where Bannon called progressive women “dykes.” How, exactly, is that a falsehood or mistruth?

Watch the entire segment below:

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