BREAKING: Early Predictions In, The Road To 270 Is Looking AMAZING For THiS CANDIDATE!

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It is a well-known fact that Hillary Clinton is a favorite to win the presidency, and she has numerous roads to the White House. How can she collect 270 electoral votes?

Clinton’s path allows for greater variance than her opponent, Donald Trump. There are six states which are considered “firewalls” that protect Clinton: Virginia, Michigan, Wisconsin, Colorado, Pennsylvania, and New Hampshire. Clinton does not need to win those states, but if she does her victory is all but assured. However, if she loses those states the race becomes trickier for her as she will require collecting other states where she is not a favorite and has a far less likely chance of winning.

In Nevada, Florida, and North Carolina, Clinton is losing to or is tied with Trump. She requires those states if she loses any of her firewalls. If she finds herself losing various firewalls while simultaneously being unable to capture the battleground states, her chances are at serious risk. However, most political pundits capable of math find this to be an impossibility. The election will become a horse race and is likely to be much tighter.

Clinton could win Florida, and bring in 29 electoral votes which is over 10% of what she requires in a state where she is not favored to win and Trump must win. If she were to do that, it would cancel out her losing several firewall states all at once. She could also win Ohio which has 18 electoral votes, to replace the votes of any of her firewalls. Speculation abounds, but in less than 24 hours the world will know what actually happened.


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