JUST IN: Newt Gingrich Drops BOMB – Our Government Is About To Be DESTROYED [WATCH HERE]

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The administration of President Donald James Trump will begin on January 8, 2017. If individuals were hoping that electing Trump would lead to less gridlock in Washington, that is all but a dream which has blown away in the clouds. Democrats have vowed to be as obstructionist toward Trump as Republicans were towards President Barack Obama. Conversley, major Republican figures have been making their rounds in the media and have said they do not beleive their party should be reasonable in attempting to work with Democrats. While holding a super majority in both houses of congress, they will not have to be — at least for two years.

One such member of the Republican elite, former presidential candidate Newt Gingrich, was a guest on Sean Hannity’s program. Gingrich laid out what he believe Democrats will attempt to do once Trump takes power:

Their technique will be to say ‘Oh, be reasonable. Don’t push too hard. Don’t force the issue. Find a compromise with Democrats. Maybe he shouldn’t name one of the justices who are conservative who’s on his list. Maybe he should find a nice moderate acceptable to the Democrats.’ Down that road is a disaster. And so we have to be aware that the danger is not that they’re going to actively fight. The danger is that they’re going to opt for honeyed words of subversion that undermines the entire movement to make America great again.

Gingrich went on to deride Republicans who did not endorse Trump, but who will now be looking for a job:

The little, whiny, sniveling negative cowards who were ‘Never Trumpers’ are beneath our paying attention to them. Let them drift off into the ashbin of history while we go ahead and work with Donald Trump and with the House and Senate Republicans to create a dramatically new future.

If the words of Gingrich are any indication of what to expect with Trump, it is going to be a long for years for every person except the most loyal Trump supporters.

Watch the full segment below:

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