BREAKING: Early Voting Results In North Carolina And Florida Are In – THIS ELECTION IS OVER! [STATS]

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Millions of Americans have already voted using early voting ballots, and the numbers show a landslide victory is quite possible for the Democratic Party. Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, Robbie Mook, announced the numbers which have been making the Trump campaign desperate.

In terms of early voting the state of Florida, which is a must win for Trump to obtain the presidency, shows an abysmal story for him. Mook says that Clinton is leading Trump in early voting ballots by 170,000 votes. Similar signs are fracturing the Trump campaign in North Carolina where early voting increased by 16% since 2012. In Nevada over 40% of registered voters used the early voting option. This shows how engaged the American public is in this election.

Mook further stated that the Clinton campaign has created a “new coalition” of Democratic voters, and the numbers prove that to be true. After Donald Trump spent the last year of his life degrading the hard working Hispanic community, there has been an increase of 130% in Hispanic voter participation. One wonders why this could be, other than Hispanics standing together for their very lives to defeat Trump after he called them drug dealers, murderers, and rapists. Further, Trump’s despicable behavior towards Asian-Americans is also showing severe signs of blowback. Asian-American voters have increased by 90% in early voter turnout. African-American early voters also have increased since 2012 with a 22% increase, which can be thanked in no small part to Trump’s campaign of racism, fear, and division.

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