BREAKING: Whoopi Goldberg And “The View” DESTROY Trump Over His Plans To Jail Flag Burners – YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS! [WATCH HERE]

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In a small preview of what the American people can expect under the presidency of Donald Trump, he recently Tweeted his opposition to individuals who burn the flag. Trump says that not only should flag burning be illegal, but that individuals who participate in the act deserve to sit in a jail cell for a year and to lose their citizenship as an American citizen. This statement by Trump is frightening for numerous reasons, as it shows he does not believe in the freedom of speech and expression which is codified in the constitution that is guaranteed for every American. Previously Trump has stated he wants to put journalists in jail for writing unkind, but entirely true, statements about him. As it quite clear, Trump is ratcheting up his tendencies as a dictator and all of this has happened before he has even taken power! Members of the media have taken notice of this, including the sizzling personalities at The View.

The five outspoken hosts, led by Whoopie Goldberg, of The View took particular umbrage with Trump’s tweet that said:

It is going to be a long four years of Trump attempting to micromanage every single citizen’s thoughts and beliefs.

Watch the full segment of The View below:

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