BREAKING: VERY Bad News Discovered In State Dept. Email Release – This Might Derail Hillary [DETAILS]

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Yes, we have heard enough about these damn emails!

But this news isn’t good for Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton sent her daughter Chelsea an email message that contained classified information. The email originated with White House Deputy National Security Adviser Michael Froman and was forwarded to Hillary Clinton by her policy aide Jake Sullivan. Hillary Clinton sent it along to her daughter’s email account with the notation: “See below.”

The subject of the email is unclear, but it appears to relate to global climate change negotiations.


Froman sent the first message in the chain on December 19, 2009, the day after Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama took part in whirlwind talks in Denmark over a possible international agreement to combat global warming. Among those sent the earliest message was White House environmental adviser Carol Browner.

The original pair of messages from Froman were given the lowest classification stamp, “Confidential,” about a year ago when they were released. Notations indicate the information was classified because it came from a foreign government or pertained to diplomatic exchanges.

When Sullivan sent the messages to his boss, she wrote back: “Wow–you can’t make this up–sorry to have missed all of that! Let me know if you learn anything else.”

State Department spokesman John Kirby stressed that the classification—an ‘upgrade’ in State parlance—did not address the issue of whether the information in the message should have been treated as classified when it was sent.

“The portion of this email that was upgraded was provided to the Department by former Secretary Clinton back in December 2014,” Kirby said. “It was upgraded to confidential – the lowest level of classification – and released in October 2015 during our regular productions of approximately 52,000 pages of former Secretary Clinton’s emails. As to whether emails were classified at the time they were sent, the State Department in the [Freedom of Information Act] process is focusing on whether information needs to be protected today.”

Hillary Clinton’s campaign hasn’t made any statements about the situation, as of Friday afternoon.

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