Trump Tricked The World With Tweets About Hamilton – A Distraction From What He’s Really Doing

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President-elect Donald Trump has proved himself to be a master of propaganda, which he wielded like a flaming mace to defeat all individuals who attempted to stand in his way of capturing the Oval Office. The public seems oblivious to the fact that Trump has been living in the public light for decades and therefore has honed his skills at public speaking. The rambling in which Trump projects to the world is his style, but to pretend that they man is unaware of what he is doing is both foolish and short-sighted. The actions of Trump have become evident in how he is manipulating the public once again, with so many being oblivious to Trump’s manipulations.

During the presidential campaign an issue which dogged Trump was the pending lawsuit surrounding his “Trump University” where thousands of students were suing Trump for millions of dollars. For months Trump vowed to never settled the lawsuit, saying that if he did it would be more difficult for him to win lawsuits in the future. Now that he is going to be president, however, Trump has predictably changed his tune. In a sharp reversal which was a slap in the fact to his supporters who believe Trump preaches the gospel in every word he utters Trump recently settled the lawsuit against him to the tune of $25 million.

This, in itself, is a scandal. Trump knew that paying the lawsuit off would cause a stir. His excuse was he is too busy preparing to be president and does not have time to bother with the case, and he found it simpler to pay the demands of the former students. This may seem reasonable to some individuals, but they must pay attention to what happened next.

Almost immediately after the lawsuit was settled, to which Trump said very little other than Tweeting once, Trump began a public spat with the cast of the broadway play “Hamilton.” With the public being the public, and the media being the media, both latched on and clamped down. The public shared their outrage, and the media shared the outrage the public was spewing to other individuals unfamiliar with the incident. This was, of course, all of Trump’s plan. He wished to distract attention away from the Trump University case settlement, and he did so by creating an entirely new story for the media to discuss. Trump knew what he was doing the entire time, and those who believe Trump is a mere buffoon who does not understand the world are merely partisan individuals unable to see what is staring them right in their faces. It will be to their own detriment if they do not wake up to this reality before it is too late.

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