BREAKING: Trump Transition Team In Downward Spiral, NOT Prepared For Presidency [DETAILS]

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President-elect Donald Trump has been doing himself no favors in attempting to work with Republicans as part of his transition to taking power in a little over two months. In fact, Trump has alienated one of the key players who would have offered him invaluable advice which seems to be par for the course. Trump has stated on the record that he will be his own best adviser, but he has also shown himself to be woefully unprepared to be the President of the United States when he visited President Obama at the White House and was physically surprised at how much work one must do while being the president.

A former top official with President George W. Bush’s State Department, Eliot Cohen, who has refused to say a single positive thing about Trump, and is one of the original #NeverTrump members, says he was willing to help Trump for the good of the country but after he was treated so poorly by Trump’s staff he will not be lifting a finger in the future. Cohen Tweeted:

After exchange w Trump transition team, changed my recommendation: stay away. They’re angry, arrogant, screaming ‘you LOST!’ Will be ugly.

Cohen went on to say in an interview:

It became clear to me that they view jobs as lollipops, things you give out to good boys and girls.

The reality is Trump can not run the entire country by himself, and he is going to have to work with people who disagree with him whether he likes it or not. The sooner he accepts this fact, the better off the country shall be.


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