BREAKING: Trump Rape Accuser Speaks Out – Gives EXCLUSIVE Interview, This Is HORRIFYING! [PHOTOS]

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The woman who said that Donald Trump raped her when she was a 13-year-old has dropped the civil lawsuit that was filed against him, but gave an exclusive interview to The Daily Mail.

In the interview, she describes the horrifying ordeal she went through as a young teenager, when she worked as a “masseuse” for real estate magnate, and convicted pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein.

When asked why she came forward to speak, Katie Johnson (not her real name) claimed her motivation to tell her story was to expose Donald Trump to stop him from becoming president. “We would have a rapist in the White House. I would feel horrified every single day if I stay in this country,” she said.

Johnson says she came to New York City to model, and hooked up with a model “scout” named Tiffany. It was Tiffany who got her involved in Epstein’s notorious “sex parties”, of which Donald Trump often attended.

Johnson recalled her first meeting with Trump:

‘When I got to the mansion it was basically the same thing, kind of meet people, entertain people, walk around. If someone requests something of you then…

‘Again Tiffany said I got requested and it was the same guy as before, it was Trump. And I was to give him oral sex.
‘I had never done that to anybody so I was a little nervous, so I walked up to him and moved in that direction and he kind of slapped me away and said, “what are you doing, you need to put a condom on”‘.

Tiffany ran over and handed Johnson a condom and apologized profusely to the man she claims was Trump.

‘I felt very intimidated, he made a comment that I wasn’t doing it right, that I needed to take classes,’ she said. ‘He continued to let me do it, he didn’t tell me to stop. He said something to Tiffany a couple of time, “tell her to go faster”.

‘Tiffany was close by, then after a little while, I guess he was done with it and he went. I didn’t see him again that night.’

Johnson continues to describe a separate incident with Trump, this one where she was tied to a bed:

‘She [Tiffany] told me it was a role play but she didn’t tell me what kind until I got there,’ she recalls. ‘And so I’m freaking out, I’m like, so you want to tie me to a bed and play out a rape scene with a man. It was just going to be that and that’s what he [Trump] wanted.’

Johnson made sure Tiffany stayed in the room and says ‘Trump’ agreed reluctantly to allow her. ‘He was pretty rough with me, I was already tied to the bed. I didn’t really know it was gonna be that, he pushed me around and tore off my clothes,’ she alleges.

She says she thought she would have to stimulate the real estate mogul orally or manually as had happened before. ‘It was like he was going for one thing, it was basically to have intercourse and I started crying and I asked him to stop and I asked Tiffany to come over, but he kept on,’ she claims.

She says: ‘It was basically like he was doing it, he was like, “what did you think this was gonna be?” He was very abrasive and I just started crying and I screamed and said “please don’t”, and he slapped me and told me to shut up and then he ripped my panties off.

‘He had sex with me without me wanting to. He was disgusted by the fact I was crying. He got up and started putting on my clothes and basically he was disgusted by the fact I was crying.’

Johnson says that she had no idea who Donald Trump was at the time, but claims that she would never forget his face and it was only years later when Trump starred in The Apprentice that she recognized the man she says sexually assaulted her.

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