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In what can only be described as a miracle, President-elect Donald Trump received his request from the president of Argentina, Mauricio Macri, days after Trump asked Macri to fast track one of his business interests. When the news of this arrangement originally broke there was fervor on both sides, with Democrats decrying Trump abusing his powers as the soon to be 45th president, and Republicans denying the allegations saying there was no evidence such a conversation ever took place.

A building in Buenos Aires being constructed by the YY Development Group, of which Trump has a financial interest, had their building plans stalled for years until Trump made the infamous phonecall. Keeping in mind the phone call cannot be confirmed as it was reported by a less than reputable Argentinian television news source, it certainly seems like a large coincidence for the building to receive its long awaited permissions days after the story broke — however anything is possible.

Macri and Trump have been longtime friends since the two golfed together over 30 years ago, but Macri also did not back Trump during the presidential election and instead loudly called for Hillary Clinton to be the next president. Perhaps it was Macri who granted this favor to Trump in an attempt to get back into Trump’s good graces as he is aware of Trump’s propensity to seek vengeance on those who he perceives as having done him wrong.

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