BREAKING: Trump Hires Bigwig Lawyers To Defend Against Election Recount Fraud, He’s Got Something Enormous To Hide! [DETAILS]

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Due to popular demand an electoral recount is taking place in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, which is ironic because if the individuals demanding a recount had come out to vote with the same passion they may not have needed a recount. The President-elect, Donald Trump, and his team, must be afraid of what the recount will find as he has been blustering since the recount was announced with everything from possibly looking to prosecute Hillary Clinton for participating in the recount, to lawyering up. It seems Trump’s team has hired two of the biggest mad dog legal minds in the world to help protect his win against whatever findings the recount musters.

Now in the employ of team Trump are Gary Gordon and John Pirich, who have been described as “election law super attorneys.” Trump’s goal is going to be two fold, as he seems to dismantle the effort entirely, and failing that he is interested in stalling the process for as long as possible so that he may assume the powers of the presidency. After Trump is in office there is nothing that can be done to remove him from power other than to impeach him, and the entire Congress is controlled by the Republican party. In what scenario can it be envisioned that Trump would be ousted by his own party?

Regardless of that Trump is winning by 70,000 votes in Pennsylvania, 20,000 votes in Wisconsin, and 10,000 votes in Michigan. It is unlikely that a recount is going to turn the tide for such large sized victories. However, when one is attempting to capture the presidency they must extract every advantage and use every resource they can until they have finally depleted themselves of all recourse.

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