BREAKING: Trump Announced Who His Top Cabinet Members Will Be – Get Ready To Vomit [DETAILS]

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As Hillary Clinton says, “Well, this is horrifying”.

While waiting to see whether he is our next president, Donald Trump’s cabinet-in-waiting is taking shape as aides eye a number of Trump loyalists for major posts should he win on Tuesday.

Trump is considering Rudy Giuliani for attorney general, Newt Gingrich for Secretary of State, retired Lt. Gen Michael Flynn for defense secretary or national security adviser, Trump finance chairman Steve Mnuchin for Treasury secretary, and Republican National Committee finance chair Lew Eisenberg for commerce secretary.

From NBC News:

Many top figures who worked under previous Republican presidents are still opposed to Trump’s candidacy, limiting the pool of possible names available. But one veteran of the George W. Bush White House who met with members of Trump’s transition team for several hours said he came away convinced they were interested in seasoned players from prior administrations.

“They’re reaching out to people with experience, they’re listening to them, they’re taking their counsel,” the former official said. “I was very impressed.”

Within Trump’s campaign, some of the biggest player may move on. Campaign CEO Steve Bannon has already said he’ll return to Breitbart, where his outlet would undoubtedly be a prime mover of Trump’s message as president. Sources say Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s campaign manager, might also decline an administration job after a grueling general election.

Let’s hope none of this happens, and Hillary Clinton wins tomorrow.


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