BREAKING: Top GOP Lawyers IMPLORE The Electoral College To Vote For Hillary…UNLESS Trump Does THIS [DETAILS]

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Donald Trump has won the presidential election against Hillary Clinton to become the 45th President of the United States. However, before Trump can assume power and sit behind the desk in the Oval Office he must officially be voted in by the electoral college. Two of the best ethical lawyers in the nation, who happen to have worked for both President George W. Bush and President Barack Obama, say that Trump is facing a constitutional crisis if he continues on his current path of managing his businesses while preparing to be president.

The two lawyers in question, Richard Painter and Norman Eisen, say that Trump absolutely must sell all of his business assets and put the money into a blind trust which he cannot touch or access the full time he is in office. If Trump does not do this, both lawyers believe it would not only be fair, but entirely legal, for the electoral college to not vote for him. The electoral college members, in many states, are under no obligation to vote for any specific candidate, but only in rare cases have the electors not fallen in line with their party’s candidate. If this happens the electoral college voters become what are known as “faithless electors.”

Norman Eisen said, “The founders did not want any foreign payments to the president. Period.” He went on to say that Trump’s business interests, particularly his hotels, which are now being occupied by foreign diplomats for the sole reason of attempting to gain favor with Trump, present a clear conflict of interest. Eisen went on to say, “The notion that his (through his agents) solicitation of those payments, and the foreign governments making of those payments, is unrelated to his office is laughable.”

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