BREAKING: The FINAL Election-Eve Poll Is In, And The Winner Is…

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Hillary Clinton is going to be our next president, knock on wood.

According to the final poll of the night, Clinton is 4 points ahead of Donald Trump nationally. Clinton leads Trump 45% to 41% with likely voters in the Economist/YouGov survey released Monday.

Gary Johnson comes in third with 5%, and Jill Stein nets 2%. Three percent support another candidate before casting ballots this Tuesday, while 4$ remain unsure.

Pollsters also found Clinton and Trump are both deeply unpopular with likely voters as the 2016 race winds down. Forty-eight percent see Clinton “very” unfavorably, with 8 percent seeing her “somewhat” unfavorably as well. Twenty-five percent have a “very” favorable opinion of the Democratic presidential nominee, while 18% are “somewhat” favorable about her and 1% have no opinion.

Trump’s favorability is even worse, with 51% having a “very” unfavorable take on Trump and 9% seeing him “somewhat” unfavorably.


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