BREAKING: Sen. Elizabeth Warren Makes HEARTBREAKING Announcement

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Still shocked.

How difficult must this loss have been for Elizabeth Warren? Such a champion, and now she has to work with Donald Trump.

And Wednesday afternoon, she announced just that…that she would pledge to work with and along side Donald Trump, even though just two days ago he referred to her as Pocahontas.

Warren said, “It’s no secret that I didn’t want to see Donald Trump win yesterday. I’m intensely frustrated by the apparent likelihood that, for the second time in five elections, a Democratic nominee will have won the popular vote but lost the presidency in the electoral college. But the integrity of our democracy is more important than any individual election, and those of us who supported Hillary Clinton will respect this result. President-elect Trump promised to rebuild our economy for working people, and I offer to put aside our differences and work with him on that task.”

Elizabeth Warren 2020, what do you think?

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What do you think?