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Now that president-elect Trump (my goodness it feels dirty to write that) has won the election, he must now broker relationships with nations around the world including Russia, with whom he has been accused of having a cozy relationship. Many speculated in the media that it was the Russian government which leaked documents from Hillary Clinton’s emails, which were used to damage her candidacy. While the election is over now, it may be a moot point as if the truth is ever revealed it will certainly not change the outcome.

A Russian political analyst, Sergei Markov, who is known to do the bidding of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin bragged that Russia has indeed participated in what they were suspected. He said, “Maybe we did help a little bit with WikiLeaks.” Markov offered no evidence to support his statement, and it may have been to merely rub salt in the open wound of the American people for electing someone as absurd as Trump.

Conversely, Putin has stated on the record that any involvement by the Russian government in leaking sensitive U.S. materials is “nonsense.” So who is one to believe? Putin, or his puppet? Would Markov have the gall to speak out unless his words were expressly granted permission by Putin? That much is particularly unlikely, as Putin would simply have Markov killed otherwise.

The point remains, however, that Americans now have a president-elect who is on friendlier terms with Russia than ever before and that is not a good thing.

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