BREAKING: Reports Of KKK Marches The Morning Following The Election – This Is Where We Are [PHOTOS]

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As we wake up and realize that last night was not a nightmare, it is time to move forward. We will accept our new president, and wish him success, for if he is successful, America will be successful.

Sadly, not all Americans feel the need to reconcile, and they are breaking out the very hate, fear and racism that we were petrified of.

Wednesday morning Twitter user kelbi1lewis shared a photo that showed people dressed in Ku Klux Klan robes marching on a bridge on an I-85 overpass the morning after Donald Trump’s presidential win.

According to Raw Story, “Burlington Police Department spokesperson said that she was aware of reports of the march but could neither confirm nor deny that it took place. The spokesperson said that additional details could be released later in the day.”

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