Pres. Obama Building Coalition To Fight Back Against Trump’s Policies

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The leftist world was shocked and emotionally shattered when Donald Trump captured the presidency by defeating Hillary Clinton. Now that some time has passed to process what Trump’s time in the White House will mean his enemies, which are many, have started to dust themselves off and create a plan of attack to stop him. This includes President Barack Obama who, even though he is leaving office soon, will not be like previous presidents and retire quietly. He intendeds to lead the charge against Trump by using his substantial popularity and credibility to build a coalition of legislators and voters.

The gathering of Obama’s coalition has been cheekily named “Obama Anonymous.” The goal of the coalition will be to stop Trump and to help protect all of the good work Obama has accomplished during his presidency. A veteran of Obama’s 2008 campaign, Liz Jaff, spoke about her feelings of Trump’s inevitable ascension to power. She said, “I went from hating everybody to hating myself for not really realizing what was happening.” She went on to talk about how she realized how vulnerable Trump will be now that he will be forced to be accountable to the American people rather than merely spewing bile filled rhetoric on the campaign trail:

The tipping point was when we started talking about how we could kick his ass, and that we could. You realize everybody wants to fight and you suddenly get hundreds of messages coming in from volunteers who you’ve worked with before.

The sentiments are echoed everywhere, even by Obama’s former spokesman Ben LaBolt who said, “This is going to be a struggle over time and not just an easy handoff to a different team.” Apparently, LaBolt had been listening to his old boss. President Obama said on the subject, “It is fine for everybody to feel stressed, sad, discouraged for a while, but I’m giving you like a week and a half to get over it. You’re going to have to be in a more positive place if only to deal with arguments around the dinner table.”

Positive vibes and good intentions will not be enough to stop Trump. The difficulty is going to be using legal mechanisms to hinder his progress. How will Trump’s plans to deport millions of people from inside America’s borders be stopped? Will the funding for those programs be attacked legislatively? Will Trump find himself tied up in court through months of bruising litigation? How will Trump’s policies of forcing Muslims to register themselves be halted? It is going to be impossible for Trump to prove the religious affiliation of any American.

The entire country is in for a dark period under President Trump. The time to begin fighting starts now.

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