BREAKING: Paul Ryan Makes HUGE Announcement – This Is BIG! [DETAILS]

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It’s been rumored that Paul Ryan was going to bow out as Speaker of the House…but that’s not the case. It is now official, Paul Ryan is running for speaker.

On Friday the Wisconsin Republican said that rumors that he would step aside after Election Day were false, dismissing them as “palace intrigue in the Hill rags.”

Speaking to WTAQ’s Jerry Bader, Ryan said, “I am going to seek staying on as speaker. There’s a lot of unfinished work to do and I think I can do a lot to help our cause and our country. I’ve led us to offer a very comprehensive agenda to take to the country and I want to execute and implement that agenda.”

Ryan continued, “This is the typical chatter you have every two years,” he added of recent suggestions on Capitol Hill that he’ll bow out of GOP leadership. “They call it ‘palace intrigue’ in the Hill rags.”

House Republicans are expected to lose at least a dozen seats on Election Day, which would narrow Ryan’s margin to be re-elected as House speaker. He needs 218 votes to re-claim the position, and already some conservatives have privately talked about withholding their votes in an effort to push him further right — or perhaps out of the speaker’s office entirely.

Vote people! Let’s turn the Democratic minority to a majority! Vote Blue!

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