BREAKING: Melania Trump Just Gave A Speech For Her Husband – And SHE PLAGIARIZED AGAIN!

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Melania Trump gave a speech in Pennsylvania today, the first since her disastrous speech at the Republican National Convention, in which she stole parts of her speech from Michelle Obama.

She has been off the campaign trail ever since, until today, when Trump forced her to make a speech in an attempt to target women.

But guess what…she plagiarized again!

In her speech, Melania said, “if you could dream it, you could become it”.

Guess what the only Google result is for that quote? MARLA MAPLES!

From The Daily Kos:

Yes, she is plagiarizing her predecessor, The Donald’s other ex, Marla Maples. And hilariously, it all comes from an interview conducted in May, 2011—two decades after Maples and Trump split.

It’s not just the one line, either. A whole section about family and parents and opportunity.

How humiliating. She didn’t only get Maples’ sloppy seconds of a husband, she’s getting her thoughts, too. If Trump can’t put together a campaign that avoids huge embarrassments like this—particularly after the RNC plagiarism fiasco—how could Trump possibly put together a team to run the country?

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